Welcome to Red Caboose School Age!

Our Mission Statement:

The Red Caboose School Age Program focuses on the social emotional growth of children and the development of life skills. We strive to guarantee that our program is available to all children.


About this website:

This website is created for parents to learn about what is happening at all of the Red Caboose School Age programs as well as for kids to see all the great work they have done. Please let us know if you have suggestions or ideas, we would love to hear them! 


Words from our City Accreditor about Red Caboose School Age: 

"Teachers have built a good rapport with children and children were eagerly and actively engaged in lesson plan activities. Children were seen collaborating on projects, proactively seeking guidance from the staff, and just overall genuinely happy and working hard."


"Supervisors thoughtfully evaluated the program and created a general atmosphere for programming that really focused on their children. The staff have taken up these ideas and run with them, implementing these ideas in a fun and relaxed way."


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RC After School is HIRING!

RC After School is Hiring for the following positions:


*Site Supervisor 

*After School Teachers

*Substitute Teachers


For more information go to our 'Employment & Volunteers' page!

Red Caboose Child Care Center

Looking for the Red Caboose Day Care Center? Here is a link to their website. http://redcaboosedaycare.org/